Tuesday, July 31, 2012


vacation 2012 028, originally uploaded by Fiorinda.

We are currently on vacation! yay! splitcat decided last week we needed to get away, so here we are in the middle of nowhere north ga. Somewhere in the blue ridge mtns between Blue Ridge and Blairsville. We rented a small little house on a creek in a valley.

We got here last night and went into town to get some dinner(town being 1/2 an hour away) then came back and played in the creek and sat on the swings.

This morning we awoke to thunder and rain(no lightning). There was a brief lull so the kids and splitcat spent about an hour in the creek and I took some photos. I don;t know what splitcat had the camera set for, I just point and shoot. If you want to see more pics from this morning, just click on this pic and it should take you to my flickr acct. I am too lazy to post all of them here right now.

Obviously, we have wifi here(and cable!), so I am going to try to update when I can.