Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Days

I am sure by now, if you don't live in Atlanta, you have heard about the fiasco of snow this week. Thankfully my family is all safe and sound. On Tuesday, it took us 5 hours to get home, a trip that normally lasts 30 minutes. We were some of the lucky ones. Thankfully my nephew made it home just before the snow started sticking and was there to get my 3 elementary kids as well as his younger sister. My dad made it home in time to collect P, but P never showed up. So while we were stuck in the car he called up to the school and found out that his bus was unable to get there to pick them up. My dad and brother-in-law both tried to go get him, but they couldn't get out of the driveway, so he got to spend the night at school.

If you don't know anything about P, you should know that he is highly anxious, about everything. Although he has been so much better this year, this sort of situation has the possibility of becoming a bad one for him. I was able to talk to him briefly, and he was doing well, so I was able to relieve my own motherly fears.

The next day my dad had volunteered to walk to the school to get him (it's about 4 miles away) and had just left the house when the school called to tell us that county emergency workers were coming to pick up the children who were stranded (about 20) and bringing them home.

He was glad to get home, but wasn't too much worse for the wear. They watched movies and ate snack food and didn't get much sleep. I think he might have even had some fun. It was the first time he has ever spent a night away from home other than with relatives. I am really proud of him. He turned 13 this month. I have a teenaged child. How did this happen?

so anyway, here are some pictures of the snow.

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