Saturday, May 03, 2014

Catching Up

It seems I have failed to blog about two of the most fun things I have done this year. I suppose its partly because I don;t have any pictures to go along with the events, at least not decent ones.

But, I feel I should properly mark the occasions.

Firstly, Mumford and Sons.  This was so long ago T.T  But it was amazing and fun and I am glad they decided to take a break after this tour because they looked tired. My nephew and I got to centennial park before the concert even began. We managed to get down in front and slightly to the side. We stood in front of the keyboard player but had a nice view of the entire stage. It was hot and we had to stand there forever. There were two opening acts. Bear's Den, which I did actually blog about, and the vaccines, which was really loud and kinda punk.

This fancam is just in front of where were were standing.


I am really happy I was finally able to see them in person.

Second, I actually got to see We Were Promised Jetpacks!!!  they came to chattanooga, tn, which is about a 2 hr drive. I took my nephew with me again, and one of his friends who is also a fan tagged along as well. we had a great time. We were the first in line at the venue. It was in a bar venue, so it was small. There were maybe 1-200 people there. It was amazing. Much like muse, they sounded better live than they do recorded. I stood in front, between the bassist and the lead singer. It felt awkward, but I knew I may never have another opportunity, and honestly, people are distracting, so I prefer to be in front. After the concert my nephews friend went and talked to everyone from both bands. He forced me to shake the lead singer's hand and speak with him. So, that was kinda cool. It wasn't something I would do on my own. Also, the opening act was a girl duo called Honeyblood. They were ridiculously cute and I really enjoyed their music.

Here's fancam of Jetpacks in Chattanooga. I'm down in front somewhere.

So those have been my musical adventures.

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