Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I have been promoted!  I am now an asst manager (part time. But will hopefully become full time in the next 6 mths or so) at the dress store. It came with a raise, so that's awesome. Even though retail is not really my dream job, it's a great opportunity and has done wonders for my confidence.  And my wardrobe, Ha. It's a shame I am required to dress fashionably for my job. ;)  although for those of you who know me irl, you know I tend to be a rather eclectic dresser. So having to dress with intention has been an interesting journey for me. It's fun though. It's like I've been given permission to play dress up as an adult.

So all is as well as it can be for the moment. The kids just got progress reports and they are all doing pretty well. And now suddenly I am wondering what's going to go wrong. Usually about the time life is going smoothly something comes along to throw a wrench in the works. But. For now I will embrace the good and believe in its continuation. 

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